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3 ways to help family and friends with OCD

Credits : Shutterstock

Credits : Shutterstock

Illness like OCD can be very frustrating for the patient and caregivers. Here are a few ways to help a family member with OCD.

1. Acknowledge the presence of illness: The behavior of someone with OCD can be quite frustrating – try to remember that he or she is not trying to be difficult or to behave strangely – they are coping the best they can.
2. Encourage treatment-seeking: It may take a long time before those with OCD seek treatment. Encourage them to read about OCD and talk it over with a professional.
3. Help them with the treatment process: Gather more information about OCD. One can help exposure treatments by reacting differently to your relative’s compulsions: encourage them to tackle fearful situations; say ‘no’ to taking part in rituals or checking; don’t provide false reassurance that they are alright. Remind and accompany them for psychiatry consultations if required.

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