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10 Tips for Adult ADHD

Source : Deviantart / MarineTheRaccoonHere

Source : Deviantart / MarineTheRaccoonHere

1. Ask for help from your friends and family: but say exactly what you need , ask for feedback about when you do things well
2. Use structure and prioritise: make lists and notes
3. Write down plans : break down big goals into smaller, manageable tasks
4. Reward yourself when things go well: or don’t go too badly!
5. Respond to boring tasks quickly: “OHIO” = only handle it once
6. Plan difficult meetings or conversations: anticipate problems
7. Find ways to help yourself concentrate: background music, silence, something to “fiddle with” in your hands
have “blow-out time” or “time outs”: gym, dancing, running
8. Learn to tolerate your moods (without panicking or catastrophising): NOT “I’m hopeless” or “I never manage to…”
9. Find friends who are good for you and spend time with them
10. Be proud of yourself: yes really: You’re trying to make things better!

Source / Resources:

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Driven to Distraction , by American psychiatrist Ed Hallowell

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